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What We Do

We are an experienced team focused on enabling organisations to better innovate, compete and engage customers in a rapidly changing environment.​

Applying global best practices, we tailor programs to embed the right culture and capabilities required for innovation success.

Our Services


Ignite innovation in your organisation

To kick start innovation, we design and conduct practical sessions that ignite a passion for innovation.​

Organisations we work with have inspired their teams to actively engage in innovation. We use innovation techniques to embed new skills and start to identify and solve for real business problems.​

Our focus is on creating real and sustainable change in thinking and in actions from the first innovation learning experience.


Focus on the role leaders play in innovation

Corporate Accelerator – accelerating internal innovation to initial funding stage​

Participants work in cross functional teams to solve key business challenges. Over a structured program they will learn and apply innovation methodology to take their ideas from concept through to business case stage. They will gain practical skills to take back into the workplace to uplift innovation capability.

Equipping Leaders to solve innovation challenges​

Innovation for leaders is aimed at executives, boards and business leaders. We tackle some of the more difficult challenges of leading in an increasingly competitive, innovative environment.​

Our leadership development content is designed to equip decision makers with the tools and mindset to better navigate uncertainty and deliver innovation initiatives.​


Build the right culture to innovate

Inspiring innovation culture will equip your business to build the right culture for successful and healthy innovation.​

We show you practical innovation concepts and methods through the leadership lens to facilitate and inspire a more innovative culture. ​

Learn to utilise innovation techniques with your teams to rapidly prioritise projects that matter and accelerate their progress.​

We work with leaders to eliminate innovation hurdles and embed the right mindset for innovation to thrive.


Build the right capability to innovate

The Innovation Works Academy aims to accelerate innovation progress and success by equipping people with the appropriate practical skills and capabilities for their roles to be effective.​

Training is offered from introductory level though to advanced practical application of innovation methodology on real world projects in the workplace.​

All levels of competency training use common language and principles encouraging people to work together across functions and innovation proficiencies back in the workplace.​

Customised role competency development and certification is available.​

Courses can be offered virtually to suit participants across multiple locations or remotely

Accelerator Programs

Our accelerator programs help kick start innovation within your organisation. They are designed to deliver progress in hours, inspire your teams, and demonstrate how to create an environment for innovation success. 

Common Problems We Work With Businesses to Solve

Benefits of Working with Us


Instilling a consistent and effective approach to innovation organisation wide


Leaders who inspire innovation and set the environment for innovation success


Reduce time and resource wastage by delivering prioritised products/services


Greater customer utilisation of products/services to become best in class


Attract and retain talent with the capabilities to drive and deliver innovation

Case Studies

Innovation Works team have deep experience in global enterprises. We are known for customer centricity, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for solving important problems. We have designed and delivered innovation processes, programmes and ad-hoc workshops using proven tools and innovation methodology through bootcamps, workshops and on-line learning. These case studies are examples of the work members of Innovation Works Group have been involved in with consulting organisations.

NYSE-Listed, Fortune 50 Global Bank
Venture: Scouting and Fintech start-up incubation challenge.

The bank launched a global Fintech challenge and required partners with deep connections into the start-up ecosystems across major Fintech hubs to assist in identifying and incubating start-ups.

We utilised our start-up ecosystem connections to scout for relevant start-ups developing emerging tech and fintech solutions aligned to the bank's key innovation themes.

Result: Over 70 Fintech startups shortlisted to present their solutions at the demo day events across Fintech hubs in APAC. The demo days were attended by hundreds of employees and executives from the bank, as well as industry experts and media.

ASX-Listed, Financial Services Group
Venture: Designing the future of financial planning and wealth advisory.

Created an end-to-end program in order to build deeper empathy for their customers, reimagine their business models and ideate solutions to a range of "How Might We" challenges from increasing productivity, to developing personalised financial products for customers.

Result: Business owners and staff from over 20 wealth advisory businesses across Australia participated in the program. Feedback from participants was that they better understood the changes in customer demands, market forces, regulation, and technologies that would impact their businesses.

Singapore Government Entity
Venture: Co-design and delivery of a Singapore Government Entity’s first Innovation Accelerator Program.

Accelerated learning through a lean innovation boot camp, methodology deep-dive workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions focusing on Customer-Problem-Solution validation through discovery, solution ideation, rapid experimentation and business-case development.

Training for 30 diversely skilled employees to practically apply a range of innovation principles, methodologies and tools to solve important organisational and customer challenges.

Result: Accelerator teams presented validated opportunities to re-design existing services and create new, more customer-centric services with the aim to create a ‘World-Class’ approach.

ASX-Listed, Financial Services Group
Venture: Designing a common innovation process and uplift in capabilities at a leading organisation in Australia.

Co-designed an end-to-end innovation process for use across the business, promoting common language and cross-functional collaboration.

Designed and delivered a virtual program across three levels of expertise which was the primary offering of their newly established Innovation Academy.

Built out an Innovation toolkit for the organisation's Innovation Academy.

Result: 100 participants through the online Foundations course raising awareness and creating momentum for innovation. 20 participants completed a practitioner level bootcamp, working in cross-functional teams on real business challenges. 2 coaches equipped with toolkit, playbook, practical coaching workshop and deep dive into end-to-end innovation process.

Australian Energy Provider
Venture: Customer discovery and product strategy & roadmap development.

Team coaching for a customer-centric approach and sought to build empathy and understand customers’ needs, wants, jobs-to-be-done and desired outcomes through customer discovery.

Collaboratively leveraged the insights generated from customer discovery to identify opportunities and ideate potential product features.

Result: From this, 10 product features were ideated and defined with recommendations on the next steps for feature prioritisation and product strategy & roadmap development.

NYSE-Listed, Global Media & Financial Data Company
Objective: Venture-building project for a new entrant in the wealth management platform market in Australia.

Building out a sprint program that included a series of in-depth, design thinking based discovery interviews to create empathy, and identify pain points and areas of opportunity.

Our team also ran several rapid experiments including a customer co-creation workshop to validate customer desirability and gain valuable data and insights regarding product design and feature prioritisation.

Result: We produced strong data to validate customer desirability for their new product; this validation included several signed letters of intent and the formation of a customer advisory board.

ASX-Listed, Financial Services Group
Venture: Designing and developing lean innovation processes and capabilities at a leading bank in Australia.

Working closely with the newly formed internal innovation team, we co-designed an innovation process that integrated the bank’s existing processes and capabilities in Design Thinking and Agile methods.

We then delivered a capability development plan to rapidly uplift the bank’s capability in lean innovation, rapid experimentation and business model design methods. In addition, we created customised tools, a playbook and training collateral for the client’s innovation team and trained a team of internal innovation coaches.

Result: The bank implemented the ‘new way of working' subsequently adopted across the business group; increasing speed to market for product innovations and providing leadership with an evidence-based framework to prioritise allocation of resources to new initiatives.

Singapore Government Entity
Venture: Design and delivery of a Singapore Government Entity’s Adaptable Leadership Program.

Designed and delivered the organisation's Adaptable Leadership Program to enable leaders to better facilitate innovation culture within their teams and create real progress on solving business challenges with innovation methods and thinking.

Delivered online learning, workbooks and deep-dive workshops supported by one-on-one coaching sessions.

Trained 24 Directors, Deputy Directors and General Managers to practically apply a range of innovation principles and methodologies, make evidence-based decisions and enable their businesses to solve important organisational and customer challenges.

Result: Leaders made new cross-functional connections to enable innovation. They utilised new ways of working with their teams, were equipped to explore innovative concepts and inspire their teams to take on innovation challenges.

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